Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Girls Night Out Radio With Alexyss Taylor and Scorpio Red Shines Light on Vagina Power

Trina Starz & Sundayy Creations really take on a special episode of Girls Night Out Radio, which should not be missed. In this podcast, you are going to get a lot of information that could very well empower your life. Up front, you’re going to get a good deal of unsigned artists, music from the hip hop and r&b world that is well worth your attention. Classic tracks that will definitely get you swaying a bit. On this episode, you’ll find that the talk can get a bit serious, but it’s all in the favor of empowering the listener, and that’s exactly what you’re going to get when you pay attention to this one.

Alexyss Taylor Interview

In regards to Vagina Power, you’re going to get a full interview with Alexyss Taylor, as she talks about a bit of feminist issues, and does so with a certain intelligence that you’ll find quite intriguing. The overall interview dives into a variety of topics that are going to definitely give you a glimpse into the world of women’s issues and more. The Vagina Power movement is spoken about here and you really get a feel for what she’s working on as well as promoting. 

Scorpio Red Interview 

Next up Scorpio Red is interviewed and has been gaining a great deal of success in the urban model industry. The interview talks about some the things that she’s been able to work on in recent months, as well as how it was breaking in as well as moving forward to the future. A good overall interview here, that should not be missed. 

Overall, this episode of Girls Night Out Radio works through several topics that you will definitely want to hear. The interview heavy episode really dives into various aspects of women’s issues and may very well be one of the best ones yet.  To hear this podcast again, log on to 

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