Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Breaking Down The Haters on Girls Night Out Radio

TrinaStarz & SundayyCreations took to Girls Night Out Radio, and really shared what was on their minds, amidst what many women podcasters have to deal with. They spoke freely about the world haters, and specifically those that they are dealing with as models, and professionals. It’s within the commentary of the podcast, that you start to understand just how much hate is out there for what seems to be frivolous issues that have no real weight. As you listen, you’ll be fascinated by the arguments and random idiots that interject and try to showcase ulterior motives online, and around the world as well. 

Empowering Women 

What you really see through this podcast, is that there’s an empowerment going on here. Speaking freely about haters, and talking about the real truth on haters is the topic, amidst some of the best unsigned artist. Nearly 2 hours in length, you really do get a feeling that these women are out there to shine light on the idiots that they have to deal with, so that it encourages others to not feel bad when someone has something to say out of the blue. 

Ignoring The Haters

At the end of the day, after you listen to this episode of Girls Night Out Radio, you’re going to definitely feel a relief, because they not only call out the haters, they talk about how they deal with it and how you could deal with them too. No matter what you’re up to, someone’s always going to have something to say, but don’t worry, TrinaStarz outlines some of her own experiences quite well, and definitely gives you a sense of fighting back with ease. Ignoring the haters is best, and if you just keep doing what you’re doing, and being real, you’ll find that they will eventually have nothing left to say as they move along to something else.  

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