Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Benefits of Electronic Hookah Today

Right now there are innovations going on under the noses of millions of people. You may not think about it, because it’s not going to be effecting your sense of smell or taste. What this is shining light on is the electronic cigarette and e hookah craze that is going on right now. Instead of lighting up a cigar or cigarette, people are vaporizing flavored elements and releasing 100% water vapor. It is an odorless element that goes into the sky. It’s the equivalent of boiling a pot of water and allowing it to disappear into the air. There are several benefits of going this route, and you may find that it can help you sneak in a quick smoke anywhere. 

No Serious Chemicals

When you light a cigarette you are not just smoking tobacco. That’s a myth that people think about often. You aren’t smoking just the leaves, you are inhaling a lot of chemicals from the paper to the processes on the leaves. At the end of the day, you could be inhaling hundreds of chemical compounds that could get into your lungs and cause a great deal of health risks, including cancer. Vaporizing doesn’t have that, as you are inhaling pure vapor. 

No Smell 

Smokers tend to smell like smoke, and even taste like it when kissing someone. With electronic solutions such as e hookah, you will not have to deal with that at all. In fact, you will not smell anything, and when you inhale or exhale, you’ll get only the flavor of the juice or liquid that you’re using. It’s uncanny, but it’s absolutely true, and something that will completely stun you if you haven’t tried this out just yet. 

Quitting Smoking

For those that are looking at quitting smoking, this could be a gradual step down for you until you’re not smoking cigarettes any longer. The concentrated nicotine juice can come in a variety of flavors and strengths. You could essentially drop yourself off of dependency, and then enjoy e hookah with no nicotine and full flavors if you have an urge to light up. It has been proven effective time and time again. 

Love Hookah – Give This Option A Try 

For those that already know about e hookah or want to give it a try, test out, and utilize code *TrinaStarz* at checkout. You will receive 15% off your purchase of any products, and get some of the benefits mentioned above. Test it out, you have nothing to lose, and a hot discount to boot.

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