Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Headboard Submission by Deshawn Young feat Trina Starz

Music fans are going to be delighted by the new track “Headboard Submission”, as it is now released with a companion music video as well. With the release of the new vide, you’re going to not only hear the track blaring through your speakers, but you’ll also see TrinaStarz star in the video alongside Deshawn Young. 

The R&B tune with a hip hop swagger comes through with some incredible beats, and the visuals are impressive as you get thrown through a visual delight. The standout of the video is for course the incomparable Trina Starz as she is featured prominently through the video adding a sexual tenacity to the overall video. 

“Headboard Submission” is a track from Deshawn young and featured Ike Da Dizz, with a music video that will absolutely compel you to not only pick up the record, but also watch the video over and over again. Trina Starz captures the mind and soul as she comes through this video in stunning fashion. You’ll definitely find the sexiness here to be bar none captivating overall. As you see a very sexy story unfold, and something that will definitely pique your interest. Check out the track and see the amazing sexual energy that comes off the screen with this track. 

Check out the track here 

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