Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Fulfill Your Fantasies With A Private Show Featuring Trina Starz

Trina Starz is one of the most compelling people that you’ll ever meet. Through podcasting, modeling, and adult entertainment, she’s taken the world by storm. She has a personality and talent that is rare in the entertainment world, which is definitely something well worth exploring if you have a chance. In the past, you wouldn’t be able to meet such stars, but thanks to the internet, you can have a private show with none other than Trina Starz. 

True Adult Entertainment 

For those that want to experience a meeting with Trina Starz, you can book her through, and get a full display of options to truly fulfill your fantasies. The things that you can see in full high definition glory include: 


• Oil Shows

• Oral Toy

• Twerk Show

• Ass Worship

• Breast Worship

• Spanking Show

• Foot Fetish

• Smoking Fetish

• Financial Domme 


These are definitely going to stimulate the mind and body in many ways, and could very well give you a taste of how amazingly talented this model truly is. These private shows are not only exciting, but they are uncensored, live, and will showcase whatever you’d like. If you want to get a cam show, you can get that and customize your viewing with Trina Starz showcasing the absolute best in adult entertainment, and sexy modeling. 

Private Personalized Images

For those that are looking at personalized images, directly to yourmobile phone, look no further than Kik. If you’re interested in getting nudes through Kik, you can do so via: TrinaStarz69 and get personalized images that will definitely get you stimulated. 

A Display of Intimacy

For those that want a more personal approach, you can now go through with customized Skype Shows. That’s right, you can book Trina Starz via Skype and get a full display of intimacy through the aforementioned show types, or something that you may have in mind on your own. With a customized date, you could go on Skype and enjoy some time with Trina Starz in a fashion that has never before been done in the past. With this latest technology, you get to see a live showcase of intimate desires with someone that is truly amazing.

Book Your Show Today

Whether you want customized images, videos, or you want to get on a cam show or Skype, you’ll want to take advantage of this today. You will not be disappointed when you visit, and see the galleries, store, and finally book some time with Trina Starz online. 

You can do so via:

Payment info can be sent to email

Also, make sure that you follow via Twitter, 
@trinastarzx for more updates, info and enticing images.

Cam shows usually occur 3 times a week, but special arrangements can be made by booking online. If you want to experience the decadence that comes with spending some with Tina Starz, this is your chance. Don’t miss out. 


Headboard Submission by Deshawn Young feat Trina Starz

Music fans are going to be delighted by the new track “Headboard Submission”, as it is now released with a companion music video as well. With the release of the new vide, you’re going to not only hear the track blaring through your speakers, but you’ll also see TrinaStarz star in the video alongside Deshawn Young. 

The R&B tune with a hip hop swagger comes through with some incredible beats, and the visuals are impressive as you get thrown through a visual delight. The standout of the video is for course the incomparable Trina Starz as she is featured prominently through the video adding a sexual tenacity to the overall video. 

“Headboard Submission” is a track from Deshawn young and featured Ike Da Dizz, with a music video that will absolutely compel you to not only pick up the record, but also watch the video over and over again. Trina Starz captures the mind and soul as she comes through this video in stunning fashion. You’ll definitely find the sexiness here to be bar none captivating overall. As you see a very sexy story unfold, and something that will definitely pique your interest. Check out the track and see the amazing sexual energy that comes off the screen with this track. 

Check out the track here 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Breaking Down The Haters on Girls Night Out Radio

TrinaStarz & SundayyCreations took to Girls Night Out Radio, and really shared what was on their minds, amidst what many women podcasters have to deal with. They spoke freely about the world haters, and specifically those that they are dealing with as models, and professionals. It’s within the commentary of the podcast, that you start to understand just how much hate is out there for what seems to be frivolous issues that have no real weight. As you listen, you’ll be fascinated by the arguments and random idiots that interject and try to showcase ulterior motives online, and around the world as well. 

Empowering Women 

What you really see through this podcast, is that there’s an empowerment going on here. Speaking freely about haters, and talking about the real truth on haters is the topic, amidst some of the best unsigned artist. Nearly 2 hours in length, you really do get a feeling that these women are out there to shine light on the idiots that they have to deal with, so that it encourages others to not feel bad when someone has something to say out of the blue. 

Ignoring The Haters

At the end of the day, after you listen to this episode of Girls Night Out Radio, you’re going to definitely feel a relief, because they not only call out the haters, they talk about how they deal with it and how you could deal with them too. No matter what you’re up to, someone’s always going to have something to say, but don’t worry, TrinaStarz outlines some of her own experiences quite well, and definitely gives you a sense of fighting back with ease. Ignoring the haters is best, and if you just keep doing what you’re doing, and being real, you’ll find that they will eventually have nothing left to say as they move along to something else.  

Girls Night Out Radio With Alexyss Taylor and Scorpio Red Shines Light on Vagina Power

Trina Starz & Sundayy Creations really take on a special episode of Girls Night Out Radio, which should not be missed. In this podcast, you are going to get a lot of information that could very well empower your life. Up front, you’re going to get a good deal of unsigned artists, music from the hip hop and r&b world that is well worth your attention. Classic tracks that will definitely get you swaying a bit. On this episode, you’ll find that the talk can get a bit serious, but it’s all in the favor of empowering the listener, and that’s exactly what you’re going to get when you pay attention to this one.

Alexyss Taylor Interview

In regards to Vagina Power, you’re going to get a full interview with Alexyss Taylor, as she talks about a bit of feminist issues, and does so with a certain intelligence that you’ll find quite intriguing. The overall interview dives into a variety of topics that are going to definitely give you a glimpse into the world of women’s issues and more. The Vagina Power movement is spoken about here and you really get a feel for what she’s working on as well as promoting. 

Scorpio Red Interview 

Next up Scorpio Red is interviewed and has been gaining a great deal of success in the urban model industry. The interview talks about some the things that she’s been able to work on in recent months, as well as how it was breaking in as well as moving forward to the future. A good overall interview here, that should not be missed. 

Overall, this episode of Girls Night Out Radio works through several topics that you will definitely want to hear. The interview heavy episode really dives into various aspects of women’s issues and may very well be one of the best ones yet.  To hear this podcast again, log on to 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Benefits of Electronic Hookah Today

Right now there are innovations going on under the noses of millions of people. You may not think about it, because it’s not going to be effecting your sense of smell or taste. What this is shining light on is the electronic cigarette and e hookah craze that is going on right now. Instead of lighting up a cigar or cigarette, people are vaporizing flavored elements and releasing 100% water vapor. It is an odorless element that goes into the sky. It’s the equivalent of boiling a pot of water and allowing it to disappear into the air. There are several benefits of going this route, and you may find that it can help you sneak in a quick smoke anywhere. 

No Serious Chemicals

When you light a cigarette you are not just smoking tobacco. That’s a myth that people think about often. You aren’t smoking just the leaves, you are inhaling a lot of chemicals from the paper to the processes on the leaves. At the end of the day, you could be inhaling hundreds of chemical compounds that could get into your lungs and cause a great deal of health risks, including cancer. Vaporizing doesn’t have that, as you are inhaling pure vapor. 

No Smell 

Smokers tend to smell like smoke, and even taste like it when kissing someone. With electronic solutions such as e hookah, you will not have to deal with that at all. In fact, you will not smell anything, and when you inhale or exhale, you’ll get only the flavor of the juice or liquid that you’re using. It’s uncanny, but it’s absolutely true, and something that will completely stun you if you haven’t tried this out just yet. 

Quitting Smoking

For those that are looking at quitting smoking, this could be a gradual step down for you until you’re not smoking cigarettes any longer. The concentrated nicotine juice can come in a variety of flavors and strengths. You could essentially drop yourself off of dependency, and then enjoy e hookah with no nicotine and full flavors if you have an urge to light up. It has been proven effective time and time again. 

Love Hookah – Give This Option A Try 

For those that already know about e hookah or want to give it a try, test out, and utilize code *TrinaStarz* at checkout. You will receive 15% off your purchase of any products, and get some of the benefits mentioned above. Test it out, you have nothing to lose, and a hot discount to boot.

Girls Night Out Radio Talks About The Sugar Daddy Formula


   Girls Night Out Radio recently discussed the idea of a sugar daddy, as well as other topics on their recent showcase. Trinastarz, your host, brings a hot topic to life with author Taylor B. Jones, author of “The Sugar Daddy Formula”. When you listen to the show, you will find out several key elements of what makes this connection happen, and how to navigate the seas of dealing with a sugar daddy in today’s modern world. 

Sugar Daddy Formula 

During the show Taylor B. Jones comes out with the initial notion of turning relationships into a wealth. What makes this compelling is that the author talks about how to make relationships work into a money making venture, without selling out. That’s right, in the discussion you end up hearing and learning about what you’re supposed to do and how you are supposed to deal with this. Most people just assume that this means prostitution or something like that, but it’s not. Jones creates a compelling argument about empowering women, and not just going to get money. It’s a transcendent relationship, and a beautiful arrangement in the way that she explains it. The interview is enlightening, and something that all women should listen to, because you may think you know about what a sugar daddy is, but you will most likely be wrong. Listen to the interview, and you very well may pick up the book, because there’s some serious information passed through here. 

Dating Older Men 

Later in the show, Trinastarz talks about dating an older man, and that brings about even more enlightening details. Most people think that they understand the dynamic and appeal of going out with older men, but there’s something new here and that’s what makes this show a must hear. 

Overall, on this episode of Girls Night Out Radio, you are given a great deal of information about dating, love, and information that you are not going to get anywhere else. Real deal talk, with topics you’re not going to get anywhere else is what you get on this episode.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Kiss By Noreno Changes The Hair Game Completely

There are a lot of different companies that you can purchase hair from, but you’ll find that the quality is definitely not that great. There are few companies out there today that are really working with 100% virgin hair, and it’s starting to show in a lot of different arenas. If you want to move forward with only the best possible hair, you’re going to want to find a brand that can definitely provide that, and without breaking the bank. That being said, you’ll want to look into a company called Kiss By Noreno or KBN.

The Purity of KBN

When you are talking about hair extensions, or hair of any type, you will want to look for quality. This can be a defining term that is a bit convoluted overall. Many people throw around the word as if the consumer was dumb or didn’t know what that really means. The way KBN has changed that notion, is by only allowing 100% virgin hair to be distributed by them. That’s 100% real hair, and 100% virgin with natural color not dyed, or synthetic formulas. That means that you will have real purity and something that you can feel, see, and work with in the salon or at home.

The Proof Is In The Product

It’s easy to wax poetic about how Kiss By Noreno is grand, but if the product isn’t that good, you’ll hear about it, read about it, and see it for yourself. It’s for that reason that you should test out some of this for yourself. Get a few strands, and see why this company is making moves in an industry that can sometimes sell you short. You will not be relegated to just one option either, KBN offers 100% Virgin Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian, Eurasian, Indian, and Cambodian Hair, and guarantees it. You will not get this from your average beauty supply, as the company focuses on 100% purity ratings and levels. If it is not pure, they don’t sell it.

Get It For Less

Buying from a new company can be difficult, especially if you’re not familiar with their products. It’s with that in mind that you can actually test KBN and see why so many are moving towards getting more of their products. When you shop with them, and use the promo code “trina”, you will receive a discount on your order. It’s that simple. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be getting “Kissed ByNoreno” at this point, as you’ll see and feel the difference.

Check out Kiss By Noreno’s hair selection by visiting and their social media offerings for more information.

BBW Takeover with GNORadio & Plumpprinces

One of the most unique aspects of women’s confidence today is in the world of BBW. Big women and men that love them is a topic of discussion that has gone through the adult world, as well as dating world. On the Girls Night Out Radio podcast, Trina Starz andPlumpprincess discuss several aspects of living confidently through being themselves. In the discussion, several tips get highlighted, including standing tall, proud, and just go out there and be true. Perhaps the best advice given through the show, is to not settle. Often time’s women settle for things that they shouldn’t do, and if you lack confidence as a bigger woman, you’re going to end up with the wrong guy.

Interview With Plumpprincess

Up front on Girls Night Out Radio, you hear a full interview with adult model Plumpprincess exploring her start, what she’s up to, and how she brings out a confidence through her work. The enlightening interview reveals a side of the model that you may not have known. It’s a fascinating interview that is not only insightful, but educational. She talks earnestly about BBW, and her defining point about the glorification of bigger women.

Exploring True Confidence

As you listen to the podcast, you will find that the tips will highlight more than just settling, which is going to help all women. You’ll find that the tips are poignant, and relevant for today’s modern woman. Whether it’s doing something to work on yourself, or it’s in regards to how you dress, you’ll find that the podcast explores a breakdown of tips that will help you get out there and be proud of yourself no matter where you are and what you’re doing.

Alongside the interview, and the tips, you’ll also get some unsigned hype tracks that will have you turning up the speakers to all new levels.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

GirlsNightOutRadio interviews TS Madison

7/11 GirlsNightOutRadio interviewed TS Madison on the show. She called in to discuss her recent release of her new track called ThatGirl.  Also she discussed her work as an porn actress & recently teaming up with RuPaul's Drag Race. Much success to her career, she is one the hottest raising personality this year.   

We discussed the top workout apps for women and who should play aaliyah in her upcoming film about her life. 

I would like to thank everyone that tuned in and listen to the show. To hear this podcast & other past GNO podcast, check us out on gnoradio

GirlsNightOutRadio interviews Destiny Dreams & Angel Secrets

6/13 GirlsNightOutRadio interviewed Destiny Dreams & Angel Secrets on the show. Destiny Dreams called in to discuss her recent release of her new mixtape. Also she discussed her porn career and her adult member site as well. Much success to her building her xxx empire. 

Also we had a great interview  from Angel Secrets as well. We discussed how she mastered the art of oral sex and how she got started. She also discussed some upcoming projects she has as well. It was great to talk to her.
We also discussed the rules of oral sex.

I would like to thank everyone that tuned in and listen to the show. To hear this podcast & other past GNO podcast, check us out on gnoradio

Monday, August 11, 2014

Custom Video from Ms.Starz

Hello TeamStarz,

If you love my twerk videos then you guys are in for a treat.I'm currently offering custom videos to my fans that our interested my videos. You can order them from 
Looking forward to making all my supporters a custom video. 
Thanks again for all the support, 
Trina Starz

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Trina Starz Contest Survey/Win Free DVD

Hello TeamTrinaStarz 

I would like to thank everyone that answered my ChocalateModels DVD Giveaway contest survey. 

I got a lot of response via twitter @TrinaStarzX but I only could pick 5 winners. I will be emailing those winners by the end of July.  

Thanks again and follow me on twitter for future giveaways.

Monday, June 23, 2014

GirlsNightOutRadio interviews King Swanky & Cherry HIlson XxX

6/6 GirlsNightOutRadio interviewed King Swanky & Cherry Hilson XXX on the show. King Swanky called in to discuss his recent release of his new track with TPain.  Also he discussed his past work as an actor on Moesha & Coach Carter. Much success to his rap career & his clothing line as well called Swanky Lifestyle.

Also we had a great interview  from Cherry Hilson XXX. We discussed her favorite sex position and how she got started in the porn industry. She also discussed some upcoming projects she has as well. It was great to talk to this beautiful porn star.
We also discussed internet dating.

I would like to thank everyone that tuned in and listen to the show. To hear this podcast & other past GNO podcast, check us out on gnoradio


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Trina Starz on

Hello TeamTrinaStarz will be giving me my own ExoticDancervod site coming soon Fall 2014. I'm so excited that ChocalateModels is giving me my own site & I can't wait to you guys see these hot footage I have to offer. So if you liked my past twerk videos, you will love me on


Monday, June 9, 2014

Happy Birthday TrinaStarz

Hello Luvs, 

I would like to thank everybody for making my birthday very special. I really appreciate all the warm words & gifts from all of my friends & supporters.

 Also thanks to everyone that came to the Riverplace Bar & Grill in Detroit MI where my official birthday party was celebrated.

Special thanks to Don P & Sundayy Creations for making my party special as well. Thanks again soo much 


GNORadio features Danni Banks & Elke the Stallion

5/23 GirlsNightOutRadio interviewed Danni Banks & Elke the Stallion on the show. Danni Banks called in to discuss her recent release of her website, & her the release of her cosmetic line.  Much success to her career. 

Also we had a great interview  from Elke the Stallion. We discussed her hot cover she did for our sponsor, SUCCOSO Magazine. She will be discussed her recent internet beef with Love & HipHop cast member Joe Budden. It was great to finally get a chance to talk to one of the legends in the urban model industry. 
We also discussed how to handle internet beef.

I would like to thank everyone that tuned in and listen to the show. To hear this podcast & other past GNO podcast, check us out on gnoradio

Sunday, June 1, 2014

GNORadio with Crystal the Doll & Monroe SweetsXXX

5/16 GirlsNightOutRadio interviewed Crystal the Doll & Monroe Sweets Xxx on the show. Crystal the Doll called in to discuss the release of her Hip Hop Weekly feature and being the face of Swank Boutique. Much success to her career. She representing Detroit in a major way.

Also we had a great interview  from Monroe Sweets XXX. We discussed her hot scenes she did with Cherokee D Ass & Pinky XXX. She will be discussed her first ever porn production that she is shooting soon for her fans.
We also discussed Polygamy.

I would like to thank everyone that tuned in and listen to the show. To hear this podcast & other past GNO podcast, check us out on gnoradio

Monday, May 19, 2014 offer webcam shows with TrinaStarz. Book yours today

Hey TeamTrinaStarz

Due to the high demand of you guys, I'm currently offering webcam shows to the fans & future fans. You can book to have personal show with me right off of the website. 

You don't want to miss out on my sexy shows that I offer just for the fans. Also follow on twitter @trinastarzx to see when I'm doing shows on  as well. Gift cards & money pak are only accepted for skype shows. Can't wait to turn my wild side for you guys. See on Skype soon.

Trina starz 

Click this link to book your show 

Monday, May 12, 2014

SUCCOSO magazine release party hosted by Trina Starz featuring Layton Benton XXX

Hey TeamStarz

I had a great time at the SUCCOSO Magazine release party with Layton Benton XXX. It was held at the Reserve in Detroit MI on April 11. It was a major success thanks to you guys. We had some hot performances by Fame the Ripper & Rev City that night as well. 

I would like to thank everyone that came out to supported us at the event. See you at the next one:)

Trina Starz