Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Truth About Webcamming


I get asked a lot if you can make money off of webcams.  The answer is that it depends.  Some girls get on a webcam and make $40 a day through tips.  Other girls step up that game, invest in the beginning in all the proper equipment and advertising and end up making thousands a day webcamming.  You can't treat it like a job at McDonald's or you will make less than McDonald's money.  You need to have a brand.  You have to market yourself like Kim K or Black Chyna.  That means you have to sell videos, you have to have Amazon stores where you are selling sex toys and bondage equipment, you have to sell pictures.  Sitting on a web cam talking all day will make you peanuts because every site allows for people to view free.  Why would they pay if they can view for free?  


Now, to get people to buy your videos, photos, and toys you do have to work the cam for awhile.  You have to flirt and tease and know when to show some things and when not to.  You have to create a name and a bio that's going to attract people to your cam and leave those other girls alone.  You have to market your best assets, and never worry about that extra bit of juice.  If I have learned one thing in this business it is that men do not care about a little extra or even a lot extra pounds.  They want to see someone naked.  If you got big cakes, choose a name like Cake Love.  It's all about name recognition and marketing because eventually you are going to want to move off a webcam site and get your own website and social media like I have because that is where the real money comes in.


This is where we need to talk brands.  I am my own brand now.  I am my own product.  I don't work for someone else, I work for myself.  I didn't start with my own website.  I paid my dues and then when the time was right I moved, I diversified, and I started marketing.  You can't rely on body, you have to rely on body and brain.  Remember without Pimp Mama Kris's management of Kimmy K's sex tape release there would be no Keeping Up With the Kardashians, no product lines, no money!  Their brand is based off of their cakes.  You have to think about and ask yourself, what is your product, what are you selling?  It's not just being naked, that's for sure.  Think about it.  Black Chyna is as much known for her wigs and eyelashes as for her body or being a stripper.  Girl's now selling wigs, eyelashes, and clothing.  Maybe you work in crazy wigs.  Maybe you dress up like a vampire.  Maybe you do BDSM or Burlesque.  I don't know what your talent or interest is.  I just know that you need to know all that before you start if you want to make any kind of real money the first year.  My mama always said, “If you have no plan, then plan to fail.” Ladies if you want to hear more tips on being webcammodel tune in the lastest podcast of GirlsNightOutRadio with our interview JNails the webcam model Guru. Check out the podcast below

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