Friday, February 6, 2015

SUCCOSO Magazine Halloween Party In Chicago

Halloween is a time where dressing up becomes the norm, but if you’re going to go out and party, you might want to check out what SUCCOSO Magazine is doing in Chicago. They throw the most outrageous parties, and you’ll definitely want to market your calendar ahead of schedule. In the past years, they have found a way to throw one of the most incredible parties and this year will be no different. 

Dressing Down 

While the majority of people are going to dress up, the magazine is going to have a lot of people dress down. Mainly because the annual event is a lingerie and costume ball. That’s right, the less dressed up, the better, and if that’s not enough, special guests are going to be coming through, and will definitely delight the crowds.

In the past, XXX adult film stars showed up, and hosts included Trina Starz, Starr Fasha, and much more. This is one party that you don’t want to end up missing out, as people in the past did in fact miss out on the amazing spectacle that ensued when SUCCOSO Magazine took over the club. London Monroe hosted this year event at Murphys Lounge in Chicago. Girlsnightoutradio host Trina Starz and Sundayy Creations was the special invited guest.

A Halloween To Remember

When looking at going out on Halloween, make sure that you set your eyes to what SUCCOSO Magazine is going to do. The past couple of years they managed to come up with an incredible line up, and create one hell of a party. This year is already in the planning, and it’s early. If you want to throw your cares aside, dance, and gaze upon the world’s most beautiful women, and even enter a contest for cash prizes (sexiest lady in lingerie), you’re going to want to get tickets in advance and mark your calendar. 

Keep your eyes on, for details on what will no doubt be a banner year this year for Halloween thanks to the magazine and the ladies that will no doubt impress.

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