Friday, January 16, 2015

Girls Night Out Radio With Special Guests Imani Rose XXX and London Monroe – A Must Listen

Girls Night Out Radio comes through with one of the best podcasts in recent memory. This time around you are going to get treated to some of the best music from the underground, and a topic that is going to definitely have a lot of opinions. Not only that, special guests Imani Rose XXX and London Monroe are interviewed and so much more on this must hear episode from the podcast. 

Intriguing Discussion 

Tuning into this episode will definitely cause some polarizing opinions. The topic of choice is “Bare or Bush” and it’s one of the things that gets a lot of hard lined opinions. The hosts definitely talk about the different opinions on the matter and you’ll want to hear what they have to say about what is best and what very well may be better for you, your love life and so much more. It’s definitely something that gets a lot of discussion behind closed doors, and now comes to the forefront. 


Look out for the interviews with two incredible starlets, Imani Rose XXX and London Monroe. An exclusive discussion with both ladies is what you’re going to get here. Listen to what they are going to reveal to common questions, how they traverse the industry, and so much more. In these revealing interviews, you are given a closer look at what very well may be one of the sexiest gigs in the world. You don’t want to sleep on this one. 

Once again Girls Night Out Radio gives you no-nonsense, frank discussions on things that matter. The hosts this time really pull out all the stops and go forward into subjects that other shows just tip toe around. This is one episode that you are not going to want to miss, it’s jam packed with content, and definitely a premium episode.

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